Campbell's Enrolled Agents & Co, Inc. is a full service accounting firm. We are Enrolled Agents  (A Federally Licensed Tax Practitioner who has demonstrated techincal competence in tax law. The only taxpayer representative licensed by the Federal Goverment. Prepare tax returns for individuals and all other entities. EA's specialize in taxation. Required to maintain professionsl skills and education each year. Advises and represents taxpayers who are being audited or are unable to pay the Internal Revenue Service.)

I have over 20 years of experience in taxation, the company has been in Punta Gorda, Florida for 30 years. We have four EA's on staff and one CPA. We have a full bookkeeping and payroll department to handle all of your accounting, payroll, salestax and quartery reports.  We will assist you in setting up your new business and determining which is the best entity for your operations.

We prepare Individual, Estate, Trust, Small Business, Corporations, LLC, Non-Profits, Partnerships, Foreign and Foreign Corporations, along with all State returns. We are also a Certified Acceptance Agent to assist in getting an Individual Taxpayer Identificataion Number (ITIN).

Most of our EA's are a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) to assist with repesenting our clients before the Internal Revenue Service with collections of past taxes or with unfiled tax returns. We also have experience in being called as an expert witness in court cases from dealing with divorce or business matters.

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